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You painted a painting, took a photo, wrote a song (or a book or a screenplay), put on a show or made a movie, or you are in a creative industry or business. Now there’s a legal issue involving money, ownership, copyrights, contracts or property — and you don’t know where to begin. OVLA is here to connect you with the legal community for one-on-one legal counseling, educational events, and a range of other resources.


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I need help.

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Here's How OVLA Can Help

Sometimes artists, performers and other creatives run into problems that only lawyers can solve. If you are a creative with a legal issue involving money, ownership, copyrights, contracts or property, or you have corporate or tax questions, or other issues related to your creative business, OVLA is here to help. OVLA offers legal assistance to income-eligible individuals and groups, through our network of volunteer attorneys specializing in intellectual property, tax, corporate and arts and entertainment law. Find out if you’re eligible for one-on-one counseling at Artist Resources. Attend one of our education events and check out our resources.


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